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Recuerdo Radio ‘s mission is to provide an open Internet space where artists of all venues will be able to showcase their creativity, talent and ideas.

Recuerdo Radio is a community of professionals dedicated to providing a common place for its members to share and exchange their ideas and inspirations via Internet radio.

As a member of Recuerdo Radio, you will be able to access a ready-to-use Internet Radio platform which will provide a broad audience without the frustration that traditional Radio Broadcasts cause.

Recuerdo Radio will provide knowledgeable technical support with the aim of establishing a continued professional relationship with its members to provide a rewarding broadcasting experience.

Recuerdo Radio is a unique idea bringing together professionals dedicated to providing a forum where its members will have the opportunity to share and exchange ideas via Internet Radio. Born out of a close group of friends, the Recuerdo Radio community is dedicated to creativity, talent and the sharing of ideas.

Recuerdo Radio is more than a web-site, it is a family where all members are valued, recognized and admired.

Recuerdo Radio invites you to join our family and take advantage of this unique experience.

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