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Maria Q & Mario Cesar

Their friendship started at a milonga when Mario nodded, (cabeceo) and asked Maria to dance. Ever since then, their friendly, comedic, witty, and timely repartee has entertained friends at gatherings, milongas, and even trips overseas. Since their first tandatogether, Mario has kept Maria entertained and interested in Tango by telling her stories of his affair with tango since he was 15 years old, when he used to sneak out of his house, to go dancing, eventually becoming an “habitué” of the Buenos Aires milongas.

Now in New York, they would like to transmit to the world their love for Tango and all that it entails; from past history, to present, and future. Radio Recuerdo is a show that celebrates every milonguero’s knowledge, passion, and love of Tango around the world.

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